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As an employer, naturally you will want a strong, motivated and highly skilled workforce. SB Skills are committed in supporting businesses within the construction and plant sectors to recruit, upskill and train the next generation of construction and plant operatives to support the skills gaps within these sectors.

We ensure this next generation of apprenticeships will have the skills, knowledge and behaviours to increase productivity and add to the competency of your workforce.


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Whether you are looking to upskill staff or looking to recruit and train new apprentices on any of our programmes, please click the link and complete the enquiry form and one of our team will get in touch within same day business hours to discuss and understand your apprenticeship & training requirements.

Information for Employers

Government grants

You can now save on expensive National Insurance contributions after the government abolished employer National Insurance contributions for apprentices under 25 years of age. The change, which came into effect on 6 April 2016, makes hiring an apprentice even better value. This exemption will apply to both existing employers with apprentices and those taking on a new apprentice.

For more information please visit https://www.gov.uk/guidance/incentive-payments-for-hiring-a-new-apprentice.

What is the Apprenticeship Levy?

The apprenticeship levy is a tax that applies to businesses that operate within the UK and have an annual wage bill over £3. These organisations have to make an investment of 0.5% of this wage bill paid monthly through PAYE to HMRC. 


CITB and other grant opportunities

We offer a funding and grant support service. Through this we help in-scope construction companies to maximise the CITB grant opportunities that are available. Additionally, we help all of our customers who wish to use this service to access other grant and funding opportunities which may be available and relevant to their strategic objectives.

Frequently asked questions

We will provide you with the information regarding your chosen qualifications for your staff and clearly outline the responsibilities between SB Skills Solutions Ltd Apprenticeship Academy, you as the employer and the individual learner, to enable learners to successfully complete their qualifications, develop their potential and future career opportunities.

We assess the skills and knowledge of all learners at the very start of their learning journey to ensure that we can provide all learners and employers with the support they need.

Your staff will receive training to improve their knowledge and skills, this training will be a combination of on and off the job and will relate to both vocational, technical and functional skills qualifications. This training will be under the supervision of the trainer and the employer. The trainer will also start to assess the skills learners are developing and the knowledge they are gaining. This will guide them as they develop their portfolio of evidence, which is required for their qualification.

A trainer from SB Skills Solutions Ltd Apprenticeship Academy will be assigned to your apprentices and will meet with them on a regular basis to review their progress and training requirements. They will set targets to enable your learners to progress towards achieving their apprenticeship.

In order to have one centralised point for all parties involved with the learner, we have introduced an e-portfolio (Smart Assessor) which will be used as a central hub across all standards and frameworks.

We are a leading construction training organisation providing development programmes throughout the UK. Our founding Directors have been immersed in construction all their lives and have made the journey from unskilled tradesman all the way to Degree qualified construction professionals. Therefore, we understand the value of progressive learning. We will help you develop your business and workforce through the flexible delivery of a range of courses and Apprenticeships.

Our team of experts will help manage businesses’ Apprenticeship Levy and maximise funding opportunities to deliver real and tangible results to the bottom line. Since our inception we have helped thousands of people gain the qualifications they need to progress and we are the chosen training provider for some of the sectors largest contractors.