End Point Assessment

The purpose of the end point assessment (EPA) is to test that an apprentice is fully capable of doing their job before they receive their apprenticeship certificate. It also helps to demonstrate that what an apprentice has learned can be applied in the real world.

The synoptic EPA has become a core feature of new apprenticeship standards because it assesses the apprentice’s performance across the whole standard rather than for individual tasks.

There are a range of assessment methods including:


Practical assessment






Written and/or multiple choice tests


Presentation or sales pitch

The apprentice must be assessed by a minimum of 2 different assessments methods and the methods used will be the ones most relevant to the job.

After the EPA, the apprentice is graded by pass, merit or distinction. Clear grading descriptors set out the requirements for each grade.

Assessment plans go through an approval process to make sure that the quality of each assessment is of the highest possible standard. Approval is done by the Institute for Apprenticeships led by an employer Route Panels and Board.

The EPA is then subject to external quality assurance (EQA) undertaken by an independent organisation to ensure all assessments are consistent in quality and approach.

At SB Skills Solutions we work continuously with our apprentices to ensure that they are competent and have the knowledge to successfully complete their EPA.